call for eoi (ivmc 2025)

call closes 15 feb 2023


Call for Expressions of Interest to host the International Visual Methods Conference in 2025


Posted: 23 Dec 2022

Due: 15 Feb 2023

The International Visual Methods Conference has been held every two years since 2009. The conferences have demonstrated the enthusiasm of an interdisciplinary community of visual scholars/practitioners to come
together for an international event to share ideas and techniques across disciplinary boundaries.

The International Visual Methods Steering Committee invites Expressions of Interest in an opportunity to host the 9th International Visual Methods conferences in 2025. Our expectation is that the 2025 conference will be
held in the Global South with the 2027 conference held in the Global North.

The 2023 conference runs from 30th May to 1st June and is being hosted in Rome by La Sapienza in partnership with Melting Pro. It follows on from successful conferences hosted in Cape Town (2021), Bucharest (2019), Singapore (2017), Brighton (2015) and Wellington (2013).


Hosting a Visual Methods Conference includes:


  • Welcoming guests to your city, country and home institution.
  • Connecting the conference with the host city through events, exhibitions and pre-/post-conference activities.
  • Sensitively localising the IVMC visual identity for the conference.
  • Ensuring continuity between the previous conference and the host institution.
  • Providing and organising the conference venue.
  • Establishing partnerships with local cultural institutions such as culture houses, galleries, theatres, cinemas, concert venues or similar.
  • Putting together a programme in consultation with the IVMSC.
  • Securing internal and/or external sponsorship funds as required to underwrite the conference and ensure its viability.
  • Managing the registration of delegates and collecting conference fees.
  • Providing delegates with links/advice on any relevant travel (visa requirements etc.) or accommodation issues.
  • Putting in place appropriate ICT facilities for the run-up to, and duration of, the event.


The Steering Committee invites your responses to the call by 15th February 2023.

Proposals should include:


  • The names, positions and contact details for all the proposed organiser’s team (with one contact designated as liaison).
  • Your vision of how to build on the success of the conference series, maintaining or extending the most recent event’s inclusive and creative emphases
  • Proposed dates of the conference in 2025
  • A summary statement on amenities of proposed venue(s) and benefits of location (please include public transport options including times from nearest international airport to main venues/accommodation)
  • Links to proposers’ resume and institution(s) where they are proposing to host the conference
  • Indicative funding commitments that proposers’ have to support the event (secured or signed institutional commitment will be required at final proposal stage)
  • If necessary, an assessment of risks to the conference viability or delegates’ safety and proposals for mitigating them.

The IVMSC may select up to three of the best proposals based on responses to the above criteria and offer them feedback, before seeking more detail or clarifications by 15th March 2023. Representatives from the selected city for 2025 will be invited to the 2023 conference in Rome and the venue will be announced at the closing session.

The Visual Methods Steering Committee will then organise a handover in good time to start the organising process. Our wish is to have the successful team issuing a first call for contributions to the 2025 conference by September 2024.


Informal enquiries should be sent to Dr Mark Dunford at the following email addresses:


Expressions of Interest can be sent to