cfp: visualising the city


call for virtual posters


For invididuals who are unable to attend the conference but would still like to contribute, we are opening up a call for virtual posters that will be displayed at the conference venue.


The phenomenon of cities is an increasingly important aspect of the everyday life of individuals. The United Nations reports that as of 2014, 54 percent of the world’s population live in urban areas, with that proportion rising to 66 percent by 2050. Asia and Africa are projected to contribute the most to this growth. Cities come in, and are engaged with, on a variety of scales, shapes and interactions. From global cities to urban neighbourhoods to the bedrooms of our informants, from walking to sensing to mapping the city – the ways in which we have seen, experienced and documented cities are myriad.

In this 5th instalment of the International Visual Methods Conference, we seek papers, presentations and performances that critically examine the city through visual methods. However, we also welcome proposals for topics not directly related to urban life, but nonetheless encompass visual methods.

Hosted in Singapore, itself a unique blend of city and state, we welcome presenters from a wide range of disciplines, from the arts to social sciences to STEM subjects – and particularly encourage interdisciplinary dialogues. Specific themes include, but are not limited to the following


  • Critical Perspectives on Visual Methods
  • Visual Methods for Urban Areas
  • Walking, Sensing and Experiencing the City and other Spaces
  • The Science and Technology of Visual Methods
  • Mapping Everyday Life
  • Visualising the Unseen
  • Visual methods as an Agent of Change in the City
  • Visual Methods in Teaching and Learning
  • Open Stream


Submission Guidelines

For invididuals who are unable to attend the conference but would still like to contribute, we are opening up a call for virtual posters/slideshows/short clips that will be displayed at the conference venue.


The posters will be displayed on a rotating basis, using 42-inch LED screens with an attached PC. There will also be an easel showing abstracts of the presentations next to the screen.


Presenters will be asked to submit a file in WMV, MP4 or MPEG format that will be looped with other submissions on VLC media player. This can be any combination of text, images, video and sound, but should be no longer than 4 minutes.


Accepted submissions will be required to pay a fee of SGD$150 (inclusive of tax). This fee is waived if the presenter is attending the conference and paying the normal conference fee.




Virtual posters should address one of the conference themes. To submit an abstract, please provide the following in a word document, double-spaced in Verdana font size 12


  1. Title of no more than 15 words describing the key topics to be discussed
  2. 100 word abstract of your poster
  3. Five keywords
  4. Your name, and where applicable, family name underlined
  5. Short Biography (including email and affiliation) of all authors


Please also submit three (3) representative stills in PDF or a video section encoded to no more than 4Mb as supporting material

Submissions may be made through Easychair


The deadline for virtual poster submissions is Monday 20th March 2017, and late proposals will not be considered. All proposals will be reviewed by the Programming Committee and responded to by 15th April 2017.


Please note that because of space and logistical constraints, we will only be accepting a limited number of virtual posters.