ivmc6: Crafting a Visual Plot – Epic Images of Mundane Stories


about ivmc




The International Visual Methods Conference (IVMC) is an interdisciplinary conference bringing visual scholars and practitioners together. Held every two years, the IVMC seeks to foster greater dialogue in the area of visual methods, in both theoretical and practical aspects.

Now into its sixth iteration, IVMC has been held in the United Kingdom, Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Singapore. In 2019 the 6th IVMC will take place in  Bucharest, Romania, July 16th to July 19th. The theme for this edition is: Crafting a Visual Plot – Epic Images of Mundane Stories. We propose a focus on the visual component of les petites histoires (small stories) – as opposed to les grandes histoires (Lyotard, 1993) – told through images, logos, advertising spots, photographs, vlogs, infographics, music videos, digital stories, sketches, documentaries, stencils, caricatures, games or emoticons.

The host institution of the 6th edition is the College of Communication and Public Relations at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (NUPSPA / SNSPA), a leading public university in Romania’s capital city. NUPSPA forms and develops professional skills in political sciences, sociology, public administration, international relations, diplomacy, European studies, communication sciences, psychology, management, and human resources, thus contributing to national and international developments in the spirit of democratic values. The College of Communication and Public Relations (CCRP) at NUPSPA was established in 1990 and offers one of the best programs in communication and public relations in the region.

In the tradition of previous IVMC editions, the logo for 2019 includes a local motif – the “l” in “Visual” alludes to the Endless Column of Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși.