getting back to the mrt from sit@dover: an urban walk

If you're planning on walking back to an MRT station during or after the conference, why not take a short urban walk through a housing estate? Next to SIT@Dover are Blocks 30-37 Dover Road - Housing Development Board (HDB) flats that are now slated for demolition. Most residents have moved, and the neighbourhood only exists as a transitory space for people and cars.


Map (Click to Enlarge)



1. Exit via the East gate of SIT@Dover (turn right out of the conference venue and walk through the carpark)



2. Walk up the first flight of stairs on your right



3. Walk through the path towards Block 37



4. Walk under and through Block 37




5. Keep going straight past a large field towards Block 30



6. Walk through and under Block 30



7. You will reach a large traffic junction, with INSEAD on the other side



8. Cross towards INSEAD, follow the covered walkway and you're at One-North MRT Station!